Google Analytics Beginners

If you are totally new to Google Analytics and are just beginning to learn about the world of web development and marketing, these tools will help you get off to a great start.

    1. A Beginner’s Guide to Google Analytics (SearchEngineWatch)Basic beginner tips from the search engine experts.
    2. A Beginner’s Guide to Google Analytics 5 (KISSmetrics)Lots of great tips and instructions for the latest version of Google Analytics.
    3. How To: Get Started with Google Analytics (Mashable)Great tip-filled tutorial for beginners.
    4. The Executive’s Guide to Google Analytics (Cutroni)The advantages of using Google Analytics from the executive’s point of view.
    5. How to Use Google Analytics: A Beginner’s Guide (DKSSystems)On-site information and a FREE downloadable e-book.
    6. Beginner’s Guide to Google Analytics (Flyte)A very detailed tutorial with screen shots.
    7. How to Use Google Analytics (WebSEOAnalytics)Visual cue that helps you understand how to read the data collected.
    8. Google Analytics: 3 Beginner Tips (ADAODesign)How it works and the data you receive from it.
    9. A Beginner’s Glossary for Google Analytics (WhereOWare)Learn about all the unique terms used in Google Analytics.
    10. A Beginner’s Guide to Setting Goals in Google Analytics (SearchEngineLand)Goal-setting for beginners.
    11. Step-by-Step Guide to Google Analytics (ConversionVoodoo)Easy follow guide with links and screenshots.
    12. Terms & Tips for Beginners (TravelnetSolutions)Great guide to terms and how to use them.
    13. Google Analytics 101 (DoteduGuru)Basics for beginners.
    14. How to Get the Most Out of Analytics (24ways)Basic settings to reporting and everything in-between.
    15. Adding Analytics to Social Media Sites and Blogs (Hyperarts)Evaluate your social marketing efforts.
    16. A Beginner’s Guide to Installing Google Analytics (SEOptimize)Great visual tutorial.
    17. Newbie Guide to Google Analytics (MichelesPaintShop)Friendly, straight-forward guide.
    18. 7 Common Newbie Mistakes in Google Analytics (ROIRevolution)Learn what to do by seeing what NOT to do.

What is Google Analytics and What Does It Offer Me?

Google Analytics is a FREE service that provides comprehensive statistics regarding the visitors to a website. Data available through this service consists of site visits, page views, bounce rate, average time on site, pages per visit and percentage of new visits. In addition to the data mentioned above, Google Analytics can also track referral traffic including search engine, direct visits, website referrals and marketing campaigns (Pay Per Click, Banner advertising, e-mail marketing etc.)