Top 5 Questions on Enterprise Google Analytics 360 Suite

With the recent announcement of the Google Analytics 360 Suite comes several questions for existing and new users. As with all things in the analytics industry, change is inevitable, and most of these changes are positive. Are you curious what “this 360 thing” is all about and how it can impact your business?

  • Will the change to Google Analytics 360 have any impact on our day-to-day work with the tools, and will new features be available?
  • Do I have to have Google Analytics 360 (Premium) if I want to use one of the other 360 Suite tools?
  • How much does the Google 360 Suite cost, and how do I purchase one of the new 360 Suite tools?
  • Should I use Google Optimize 360 over my current testing solution?
  • Did Google Data Studio 360 just replace Tableau?
Enterprise Google Analytics 360 Suite

Enterprise Google Analytics 360 Suite

What’s Your Data Story?

Hopefully, you’re starting to get excited about the possibilities that can be explored with access to all of these new tools. If you’re still hesitant to embrace the whole Google Analytics 360 Suite, try mixing and matching complementary products to address your most urgent needs.

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