Improve Relationships For Better UX

UX is not just a question of design—it’s a core business principle.

Consider Apple, the most valuable brand in the world, and how they changed the game with the first iPod. The mini music player wasn’t only a hit because of the technology behind it. What it really stood for was a brand new user experience—a new way to listen to music.

This wasn’t just the work of a designer. For brands like Apple, UX is a mindset. It’s everyone’s problem. But what if your company doesn’t see it that way? As a UX designer, how can you make sure that user experience is a philosophy rather than an afterthought?

In many ways, a UX designer is like an interpreter. They listen to what the stakeholders want and find out what the user needs. They then translate this into a language that the developers can understand. The end result is a product that all parties are happy with.

Improve Relationships For Better UX

Not only do UX designers need to be creative and technical; they also need to be excellent mediators. They need to understand different perspectives whilst making sure that user experience drives every discussion.

It’s the UX designer’s job to communicate with the right people at the right time. Without this communication, the process becomes fragmented and the final product will suffer. Relationships are crucial—not just to business, but to UX.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at how to build meaningful relationships for better UX.

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